Who are the 10 most famous architects? Whose signatures on the most famous works of architecture of the last hundred years?

10 iconic names and 10 great designs (each in their own way) have helped advance the culture of architecture around the world.

1) Frank Gehry (b. 2.28.1929).

There is no doubt about Gehry’s works. His are among the most famous and distinctive works of architecture. His deconstructive forms are iconic, and tourists flock to and admire his buildings. Called by Vanity Fair “the most important architect of our time,” his ability to create spaces that manipulate forms and surfaces is probably his true hallmark.

Guggenheim Museum

2) Frank Lloyd Wright (b. 6.8.1867).

 Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the greatest architects of all time. Wright thought of interior and exterior spaces as one giving the impression that he was well ahead of his time. The organic and natural forms of his buildings that seem to become one with nature are still considered, after nearly 120 years, the best building and design concepts.

falling water house

3) Ieoh Ming Pei – I.M. Pei (b. 4.26.1917).

The Chinese-born architect studied architecture in the United States as a teenager and later became one of the greatest and most famous architects around. I.M. Pei’s work can be seen all over the world and has become famous, especially for its unique use of geometric forms and incorporation of Chinese influences within typically Western lines.

Louvre Pyramid

4) Zaha Hadid (b. 10.31.1950)

The first woman architect to win the Pritzker Architecture Prize, this would be enough to define the fame and greatness of the legendary Zaha Hadid. The forms of Hadid’s signature architectures are characterized by a futuristic design, unconventional, bold, and extremely artistic lines. Many of her designs, unfortunately, were never realized, but her splendid buildings always leave us speechless.

Galaxy Soho

5) Philip Johnson (b. 7.8.1906)

World-famous as the American architect who founded the Department of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, his architectural works are easily identifiable. His glass house in Connecticut, with its minimal interiors and expansive glass views, is a perfect example of his style in the use of building materials.

Glass house

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