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“What is architecture? “what is architecture?” is among the most fundamental but tough questions architects have to ask themselves. It’s a philosophical query that doesn’t have a clear answer, yet it inspires an intellectual analysis. The answers of architects to this question aid in defining their plans.

architect, plan, construction-3979490.jpg

WHAT IS ARCHITECTURE? This is another issue that is especially important for students seeking different perspectives on architecture when they begin to themselves definitions.

Artists shift from real to abstract, while architects work from abstract to real. Regardless of the limits of design, safety, engineering economics, climate, and safety, architecture inspires us with its ideas in light and space created in the abstract.

The art of creating structures, open spaces, communities, and other artificial structures and environments typically with a view to aesthetics. Architecture typically involves the design and selection of furniture and ornaments, the oversight of construction work, and the inspection, restoration, or re-designing of structures.

Architecture is a love, vocation, or occupation, both a science and business. It is described as a social art and is also an artistic science. Architecture should be of the best quality design. Architecture offers an array of qualities, as stated by Marcus Vitruvius, the famous Roman historian and architect, “firmness quality, efficiency, and satisfaction.

Note 1st century BC Roman Architecture Vitruvius is the creator of this book De architectura. This work is split into ten parts which deal with the city’s design and architecture in general construction materials, temple construction, public buildings and private structures, clocks, hydraulics, and military and civil engines. His work was a textbook classic in the early Roman times through the Renaissance. The term “firmness” refers to the structural integrity and endurance; Commodity refers to a spatial function or, more precisely, “serving its purpose” and fulfilling the structure’s purpose. Delight refers to the structure as not just aesthetic and visually appealing, and pleasing but also raising spirits and awakening the senses.

The art of or the practice of designing and building buildings.

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