How to design for children

child’s architectures

This phrase, read from an architectural perspective, becomes one of the main rules for designing a child’s world so that his environment, and specifically his bedroom, is suited to his way of being and at the same time interprets his dreams because every child is unique!

In most cases, when remodeling, we come across situations where it is clearly evident that only certain areas of the house are taken care of, concentrating on representative rooms such as open space, living, and kitchens, while neglecting other areas, such as bedrooms, which, therefore, do not 100% reflect the physical and emotional characteristics of the child. The tendency is to treat with extreme care even the most trivial piece of furniture placed in the living room, studying its colors, finishes, and lighting technology, only to be limited to simple anonymous furniture prefabricated in the bedrooms. Hence the importance of emphasizing how instead it is essential to carefully design even small bedrooms. The study must start precisely from the way of being and seeing the child or teenager, the designed space must help him in his growth, in his room the child must be able to find references, and he must feel at ease with his imagination among bright colors, cheerful and dynamic furniture, and he must be able to find what arouses emotion, joy, and well-being.

It is, therefore, necessary to design environments that reflect their fantasies, superheroes, cartoons, hobbies and passions. Children are fully aware of their imaginative fairy tales and superheroes, and each in his or her own way interprets and imagines fantastic worlds and imaginary countries. So why impose a pre-packaged environment without voicing their expectations?

The child’s architectures are the playgrounds, the public gardens, the school, as well as his or her home. It is the latter that will influence his growth because it is the one he gets to know best and is likely to carry with him imprinted in his memory for a long time. Before any other shared space, the child will live in his room, wake up in the morning in his room and get ready for school, study in his room, listen to music, and watch cartoons in his room. That is why it is essential to take care from the very beginning of the design process of every architectural aspect that will enable him to achieve a safe and playful space, which is necessary to ensure his healthy growth and, above all, tailored to every corner.

Thanks to today’s technologies, today it is possible to create tailor-made projects, customizing everything from lighting to custom wallpaper printing, the result will always be an environment where the real protagonist of the scene is the “commissioning” child. Below we will illustrate some bedroom designs, made on the basis of the requests of the child himself who will live there.

Star Wars theme bedroom

In this room the protagonist of the scene is the custom-made wallpaper with custom graphics on the back wall of the bed, on it are also applied the RGB led bars, which really illuminate the laser beams and Kylo Ren’s sword, all as per the request of our little client, obviously a Star Wars fan

Wonder Woman themed bedroom

Similar to the previous one, in this room, the protagonist of the scene is the wallpaper also made to measure this time with custom graphics, on the back wall of the study area, on it the RGB led bar, illuminates Wonder Woman’s sword, all as per the request of our teen-ager client, obviously Wonder Woman fan.

Pink room with a piano on the side

In this room our young client is a promising pianist, which is why, we gave the right functional space to the piano, highlighted by a themed wallpaper, without however neglecting the custom-made study area, closet and bed. Since she is a teenager, we also dedicated a vanity space to her, again made to order by design.

Rose-colored room


In this project, since it is a villa, of which the top floor is entirely for teenage bedrooms, we made this hallway as a common play space, inserting an area equipped for video play, a refreshment area with mini fridge and a series of mobile pouf seats, all extremely rich in colors.

Room with two beds and a wall decorated with soccer balls

In this double room, our young principals are two teenagers, with a passion for footballs, collectors of footballs, to which we, therefore, gave the right location, designing a wall equipped back beds, made in perfect urban style as requested by them.

Room with a pink decorative tree

In this small room, we fulfilled the requests of the very small client with really clear ideas: to be able to study under a tree reminiscent of Barbie’s imaginative world. Hence the realization of a flowing and colorful ceiling that meets the request of the very young client.

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