Bioclimatic design benefits they don’t want you to know..

How do I find climate data for a certain site (construction site), what climate data can I use/not use, and how can I best make use of this information?

How to design a bioclimatic building: climate data!

A climate dataset is a set of numerical information, which describes the local climate situation at a certain location.

There are different types of climate data, simplifying we can distinguish them into two large families: monthly climate data and hourly climate data.

How to create a climate data dataset :

When we are looking for climate data, we soon find that it is rather difficult to find usable climate data.

Many of the public climate data are faked, incomplete or otherwise unusable for our purposes.

The first thing we should do, before we even start formatting it for our software is to figure out where the public weather stations are, who collects these climate data, and to figure out what the quality of these climate data is.

The next step is to normalize them according to the location and climate of the site.

Climate data how to use it

Monthly climate data are generally used to calculate the energy needs of a building, that is, to calculate how much energy is needed to heat or cool the building.

Hourly climate data are generally best used to calculate the power needed to heat or cool the building and for comfort-related checks.

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