Robie House –  Frank Lloyd Wright

Mr. Robie wanted a house that would allow plenty of light to enter and still allow him to enjoy the beauty of the landscape around him, but without sacrificing any of his own.

without sacrificing the privacy of his family. He did not like small, confined rooms and thought that
small, confined rooms and believed that flowing spaces were essential in a well-designed house. He saw in Frank Lloyd Wright, an architect who not only agreed with these ideals but
could transform them into a unique physical expression.

Robie House   Frank Lloyd Wright

“From the beginning, we thought the same way.” Frederick Robie, on his meeting with Frank Lloyd Wright.
The site itself was very helpful to Frank Lloyd Wright in developing his ideas and plans.
ideas and plans. Measuring 18 meters (60 ft) by 55 meters (180 ft), the
corner lot was three times as long as it was wide.

These dimensions forced Wright to see the house as a combination of long, thin rectangles. The house consists primarily of two long, thin “vessels stacked one on top of the other, each of a similar shape to a ship, the similar to that of a ship, the first being slightly offset from the second. the second. As the crow flies, the two ships are clearly visible; however, from the street, they merge into each other to form what looks like a continuous single continuous horizontal structure.

To further emphasize the horizontal lines of the house, the horizontal joints of the red-orange Roman bricks with iron ore were filled with cream-colored mortar, while the small vertical joints were
vertical joints were filled with brick-colored mortar.

this complex and time-consuming process gives the impression of
of continuous horizontal lines of the same color while minimizing the
the appearance of individual bricks.

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