Robie House –  Frank Lloyd Wright

In addition to the furniture for the entrance hall, dining room, and living room, Mr. Wright also created 29 different stained glass windows, which are found in 175 of the house’s windows and door panels. The contractor chosen for the project selected for the project, H.B. Barnard Co. of Chicago, began construction
the house on April 15, 1909. F. L. Wright did not, however, supervise the construction of the house, except at the very beginning.

the construction of the house, except at the very beginning. He closed his Oak Park, Illinois, studio in the fall of 1909. Park, Illinois, in the fall of 1909 and then went to Europe, transferring his projects, including the Robie House, to his colleague Hermann von Holst. The Robie family – Frederick, Laura, and their two children, Frederick Jr., and Lorraine – moved in in May 1910, although the final details, including carpets and furniture, were not completed until January total cost of the house was $58,500 – the $13,500 for the land 35,000 for the design and construction of the house and $10,000 and $10,000 for furnishings, with an original budget of $60,000

Robie House  Frank Lloyd Wright

The second floor contains the family’s private spaces, with three bedrooms surrounding a central room. rooms surrounding a central room. The first floor also includes a long balcony that runs almost the entire length of the house.

When clients like the Robies hired Frank Lloyd Wright to design a house, they received more than
to design a house, they received more than just a house. F. Wright also usually provided them with plans for

furniture, lighting, paintings, etc.
furniture, lighting, pictures to hang on the walls, carpets, and, in some cases, even, in some cases, the dishes. In this case, he collaborated with George Mann Niedecken, whom he also supervised, to create what he called a what he called “complete environment”.

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