These are the 27 Most Beautiful Skyscrapers in the World

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From the world’s tallest structure that is the Burj Khalifa, all the way to the more miniature modestly-sized Agbar Tower, these structures have one thing in common: stunning design

In many ways, Skyscrapers can trace the quest to the skies in the search to be higher back. But it’s only in the last century that we’ve witnessed an increase in the overall height of our tallest buildings (by definition, a “skyscraper” is a building with a height of more than 330 feet). However, this does not mean that they’ve never been stunning designs. Designers are constantly seeking to reimagine today’s skyscrapers with more and more innovative designs. Beginning with the Art Deco movement at the beginning of the 20th century to a more contemporary, futuristic style, every building represents the development of the urban design. The skyline of any city tells a story of creativity and innovation; these breathtaking structures aren’t the exception.

Photo Courtesy of Elenberg Fraser as well as Disegno Australia 1/27

Abode318 (Melbourne, Australia)

Abode318’s unique abode318’s wavelike appearance is not simply a design aesthetic; it also acts as insulation for the residential structure. Who created the design in collaboration with Elenberg Fraser and Disegno Australia, and the system has 450 apartments offering some of Melbourne’s most beautiful views.

Photo Getty Images 2/27

Willis Tower (Chicago, Illinois)

The structure was completed in 1973. Willis Tower has long been the most well-known landmark of Chicago’s skyline. It was previously referred to as the Sears Tower; the black lacquered structure boasts one of the highest observation decks in the Western Hemisphere.

Photo: Getty Images/3/27

Transamerica Pyramid (San Francisco, California)

The futuristic building that rounds the skyline of San Francisco was completed in 1972 and is now a symbol of San Francisco’s Golden City. William Pereira designed the landmark and erected a “Crown Jewel” at the top of the building, lit on holidays and other days of mourning.

Image: Getty Images/Michael R. Runkel4/27

Al Hamra Tower (Kuwait City, Kuwait)

Al Hamra Tower is a multi-medium structure that provides an illusion of movement as if encased in a sheet of glass. It was designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, and Ramshir and Callison; the tower is a staggering 1,358 feet high.

Photo: Getty Images/Istvankadar5/27

432 Park Avenue (New York, New York)

With a height of 1,396 feet, the tallest residential building in the tall 432 Park Avenue, is the tallest constructed residential building in the Western Hemisphere. It was designed in the style of Rafael Vinoly; the blocklike tower is lined with the same symmetrical squares and lights in an exact pattern at nightfall to complete its place in the New York skyline.

Photo: Getty Images 6/27

Marina Bay Sands Hotel (Singapore)

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is one of the most famous structures in Singapore and anywhere else in the world. Moshe Safdie created the design. The three-column structure is connected on the top by the largest infinity pool on the roof.

Photo: Getty Images/Sharlotta Ulrikh7/27

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