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These are the 27 Most Beautiful Skyscrapers in the World

Evolution Tower (Moscow, Russia)

This spiraling design Evolution Tower was designed by British architect Tony Kettle and was inspired by Rodin’s work “The Kiss.

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Agbar Tower (Barcelona, Spain)

Agbar Tower’s bullet-shaped structure is covered in a glass mosaic that evokes Barcelona’s architectural roots, laid out by Antoni Gaudi. It was designed in the hands of French architectural genius Jean Nouvel; the building was not well-received initially but later was recognized as a landmark of the Catalan city.

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Tokyo Skytree (Tokyo, Japan)

the design Skytree has created the design in the style of Nikken Sekkei; this futuristic broadcast tower was added to the skyline of Tokyo in 2012. Its design is reminiscent of a Japanese pagoda Tokyo Skytree draws tourists to its stunning observation deck in a flurry. This “skytree, the white” lattice covering the exterior provides an excellent base for the tower’s nighttime illumination.

Shanghai World Finance Center (Shanghai, China)

The design was created with Kohn Pedersen Fox Shanghai World Financial Center’s (on the right) slightly curving trapezoid shape with an open rectangular gap in 2008.

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Abraj Al-Bait Tower (Mecca, Saudi Arabia)

In the seven-building complex, The four-faced clock tower views the holy Great Mosque of Mecca. Its neoclassical-inspired beauty aside, the building, which is also a hotel, has become a beacon for worshippers wishing to pilgrimage to Mecca. The German business SL Rasch created the design.

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