Top 10 Websites Every That Every Architect Should Visit !

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In order to enhance your awareness and cognitive skills, here are 10 selected sites that you can follow on an ongoing basis


a very important site that periodically presents graduation projects for students around the world, in addition to discussing the details of the most prominent international projects, and also includes architectural articles with useful content.

the link :

2 – Architizer:

a site concerned with news of architecture and modern technologies that have emerged in the field of architecture and presents a large number of student projects

the link :

3 –

a site with pictures and explanations of design and many architectural projects.

the link :

4 – Slideshare:

very important for those looking for articles, research, books…just enter the name of the book or search

the link :

5- Arcat:

a very useful site that contains a lot of architectural and construction details that contains a lot of details and can be downloaded as a DWG

the link :

6 – Student competitions Architectural competition site

the link :

7 – E-architect:

an excellent library of architectural projects

the link :

8 – Architectureweek:

a specialized magazine that presents a wide range of articles and designs of interest to architecture students.

the link :

9 – Visualizingarchitecture:

an excellent site, one of the best sites that you can follow, containing good projects and information.

the link :

10 –

a library of blocks and ready-made cad files that you can use in your projects

the link :

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